Organic Prayer Ponderings

“The Highest and the Lowest” – Daniel Williams, OPP Intern

The Highest and the Lowest “…And so the highest  and the lowest stories are made one  in his mind in his work, clumsily, difficulty as may be, day by day.” –Wendell Barry, Sabbath V, 2013– When I was thirteen years old, I made a commitment simultaneously monumental and unnoticeable. I had walked from home down […]

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““You can get there faster by yourself, but you won’t get any further.” Eileen Schaeffer, OPP

These words, spoken by Becca Stevens at the Thistle Farms National Conference in October, resurfaced to the headwaters of my mind after my meeting with Sr. Madeleine Mary this morning. Nathan and I try (key word: try) to meet weekly with Sr. Madeleine Mary, our internship director, to touch base with one another, although we […]

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Caramelizing Onions & Understanding St. Benedict – Eileen Schaeffer, OPP Intern

    Rigid white onions. Blank c-shaped slivers lying on the cutting board. Lifeless. Stiff. Hard. Boring. Acrid and unappetizing.     Unapproachable. The olive oil sizzles, indicating the time is right. I slide the cold and compassionless onion pieces into the popping pan and am delighted to hear the sound of life, energy, action. […]

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What is normal? by Sr. Madeleine Mary, CSM more
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