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Ora et Labora Workshop: Healing with Local Medicinal Plants

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Save the Date! “Heaven, Hope & Hurricanes” on April 9, 2016

The Community of St. Mary has been a presence on this Mountain for over a century.  In every generation, the Sisters have provided an anchor for good, an evangelistic concern for the welfare of the people of this area, and a rich ministry of work and prayer.  Today CSM carries on that historic tradition with their ministries […]

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The First Workshop in our “Ora et Labora Program Series”

Why Plants Don’t Drown flyer(link to the PDF file) This workshop will occur at the convent on September 26, 2015. All are welcome to attend!! See the pdf file for the details. Revision: Event to occur 9:30-12:00 with optional afternoon field trip. No lunch will be served. Cost: $25

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“The Highest and the Lowest” – Daniel Williams, OPP Intern

The Highest and the Lowest “…And so the highest  and the lowest stories are made one  in his mind in his work, clumsily, difficulty as may be, day by day.” –Wendell Barry, Sabbath V, 2013– When I was thirteen years old, I made a commitment simultaneously monumental and unnoticeable. I had walked from home down […]

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Thresholds by Daniel Williams, OPP Intern

This past Sunday I spoke at Growing in Grace, the evening service at All Saints’. For those not familiar with GiG, as it’s known, the service features a different speaker each week. Each of the speakers tries to provide a reflection that draws on her life and work, the Gospel of the day, and the […]

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